All Year Round Statement Living Wall Offer

from Wonderwall

All year round statement living walls by Wonderwall means they are not only for summer… plant up with evergreens, hardy perennials, grasses and houseplants for an indoor and outdoor green wall that can be enjoyed any time of year.

There is no need for garden ground space! Wonderwall is a modular self-irrigating vertical planter system. This means you plant vertical to any surface height and width.

Install on a rooftop, a high-rise balcony, in a bedroom, a dining room, a garage wall, a shed, a greenhouse… anywhere with a vertical surface to reap the benefits a living wall brings.

Living Walls Don’t Just Look Beautiful

they work hard too!

Aids better health

Create a calming space to relax, recover and energise. Some plants help with memory, alertness and aid a restful night’s sleep.

Intimate wellness spaces

Create intimate spaces for privacy and special family celebrations. A happier place to help reduce stress levels for the whole family.

Accessible Gardening Height for Wheelchair Users

Accessible biophilic gardens

Install at any height to make plants accessible to everyone. Some indoor and outdoor plants improve memory, concentration and anxiety.

Wonderwall Living Wall People Benefits

Nature's healer

Better health and wellbeing and help speed up recovery time. Filters toxins and VOCs to relieve asthma and allergy symptoms.

Look after your home

Cover up unsightly walls and regulate indoor temperatures. Harvest rainwater to help prevent storm water runoff.

Our environment

Offsets carbon footprint. Attracts biodiversity and provides vital food source for wild birds in winter, and grow your own.

Instant Hedgerows

Make a Difference to Climate Change Today

Your Exclusive Wonderwall Offer

Our offer is exclusively for our 2.3m2 Wonderwall Kits. The more you buy, the more you save. Free shipping (P&P) to mainland UK with every kit. Buy two kits and we will give a free SeedCell kit of your choice (tell us about your option in the notes section of the checkout), If you buy three kits, we will give you a full set of three SeedCell kits (Salad Patch, Herb Garden and Leafy Greens).

In each box you will get treated wooden FSC battens, water filters, water plugs, batten rawl plugs and screws, planter screws and instructions guide – everything you will need (excludes plants and tools).

If you have a very large project (15m2+), please get in touch.


You save: -£90.92 (-22.17%)

1x Wonderwall 2.3m2 Kit

Includes free P&P to mainland UK. Covers up to 2.3m2 of vertical surface indoors or outdoors.


You save: -£164.84 (-25.76%)

2x Wonderwall 2.3m2 Kits

Includes free SeedCell Kit and P&P to mainland UK. Covers up to 4.6m2 of vertical surface indoors or outdoors.


You save: -£260.76 (-27.17%)

3x Wonderwall 2.3m2 Kits

Includes free set of 3 SeedCell kits and P&P to mainland UK. Covers up to 6.9m2 of vertical surface indoors or outdoors.

Grow Your Own Made Easy

by SeedCell

Veganism is one of the fastest growing lifestyles trends this year and many Brits are choosing a plant-based diet. With the price of food rising, many are taking to their gardens to provide delicious edibles. Easy to grow vegetables, salads, and herbs suitable for growing in small spaces such as vertical wall planters and patio containers are set to rise.

Growing edibles at home has never been so simple… Introducing our environmentally friendly, no tools, no experience, no fuss seed pods. Each biodegradable pod provides the pre-sown seeds with a protective environment to help them germinate safely. Only four simple steps to follow!

SeedCell Salad Ingredient on Burger


The Salad Patch Kit

3x butterhead lettuce, 3x cherry tomato, 3x cucumber, 3x rocket

2x kits £28.00 or 3 kits for £39.00

Salad Patch SeedCell Kit Box with Salad
SeedCell Basket of Herbs


The Herb Garden Kit

3x parsley, 3x coriander, 3x basil, 3x rocket

2x kits £28.00 or 3 kits for £39.00

Herb Garden SeedCell Kit Box with Herb Seeds
Parsley, Coriander, Basil and Rocket


The Leafy Greens Kit

3x rocket, 3x spinach, 3x oak lettuce, 3x butterhead lettuce

2x kits £28.00 or 3 kits for £39.00

Leafy Greens SeedCell Kit Box with Seeds

Terms and Conditions

  • Kits do not include potted plants or tools required to install the kit.
  • Depending on the surface you may need the following tools: Tape measure, drill/screwdriver, spirit level, and watering can/hose/micro-drip irrigation kit.
  • To qualify for the one free SeedCell kit, you must purchase 2x Wonderwall 2.3m2 kits.
  • To qualify for a free set of three SeedCell kits, you must purchase 3x Wonderwall 2.3m2 kits.
  • There are no cash alternatives for SeedCell free gifts.
  • If you want to order multiple kits for large scale project, please email Michelle Gray
  • Offer is available to UK mainland shipping addresses only.
  • Shipping is included in the kit prices to UK mainland shipping addresses only.
  • Limited stock available. Once stock has run out, this offer will no longer be available.
  • You can share this offer hyperlink with friends and family.
  • Please note that the planting schemes are for demonstration purposes only, plants are not included. Some inspirational ideas may require more than one Wonderwall kit.
  • Offer valid till stock runs out.
  • Any questions, please email Michelle Gray