• Norma’s Love Your Garden living wall

    Norma’s Love Your Garden living wall aired on September 28th, 2021. The theme for this episode focused on the natural delights that may be found in woodland settings.

    Francis created a modern paradise out of Norma’s formerly underutilised, unattractive, and uninviting courtyard, which was dominated by a pebble-dashed garage. Norma now enjoys spending time in her newly renovated space.

    The unattractive surface of the garage was covered by our Wonderwall living wall, which was built by Francis and her team.

    Norma's Love Your Garden pebbledash garage living wall

    Ferns were added to the wall to give it a vibe that was more in keeping with the surrounding forest.

    It was like a hanging garden in Babylon, according to the description. That will do for us!

    Watch the full episode here: https://www.itv.com/hub/love-your-garden/2a1173a0085

    Size of Wonderwall used was our 2.3m2 kit.

    Courtyard living wall benefits


    Vertical gardens increase oxygen and energy. Reduced stress and BP. Plants boost memory and concentration.

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    Green spaces help prevent crime, enhance community involvement and sense of pride. Increases time outdoors.

    Living Wall Bug Houses


    Reduce carbon footprint. Provide wildlife with food and habitats. Grow edibles in a vertical direction.

    Wonderwall is easy to install and low maintenance

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