Sustainability statement


USP Creations/Wonderwall strives to be a sustainability industry leader. As a business partner, employer, community member, environmental steward, and shareholder value creator, we are devoted to the journey. By thinking and doing sustainably, we will provide superior customer service, provide solid financial outcomes, and position the organisation for a prosperous future.

Sustainability is how USP Creations/Wonderwall manages and operates its business in order to best serve its consumers, protect the environment, ensure profitability, and foster long-term prosperity.

Sustainability is a business strategy that safeguards USP Creations/employees, Wonderwall’s communities, shareholders, and the environment for the foreseeable future.

Our daily operations

Our daily operations are aligned with our commitment to environmental, social, and community stewardship, which consists of three components:

  • Reduce our operations’ environmental footprint.
  • Transporting commodities in a manner that minimises environmental and community consequences.
  • Reduce the amount of fuel, energy, water, and other resources required to carry one tonne of freight one mile.
  • Increase recycling and reuse efforts by reducing waste.
  • Try to manage the USP Creations/Wonderwall supply chain with environmental effects and good governance in mind.
  • Engage freely in concerns of sustainability.
  • Maintain consistent communication with consumers, staff, and external stakeholders regarding sustainability issues, objectives, and activities.
  • Provide customers, suppliers, workers, and communities with opportunity for active participation in sustainability activities.
  • Enhance the openness and disclosure of our sustainability performance via our annual Corporate Social Responsibility Report and other sustainability disclosures.
  • Support sustainable development.
  • Consider social, economic, and environmental implications when collaborating with customers and communities to grow sustainably.
  • Construct an innovative infrastructure to support operations and reduce resource use.

Rick Mckeever, Managing Director

Our products

USP Creations/Wonderwall living wall kits are made from 99% recycled and FSC certified materials and 100% recyclable or reusable.

We are certified members of FSC, ORPL, SafeContractor and other membership groups.