Starter kit

wonderwall Starter Kit Contents


4x planter sets

covering approx 0.32m2

includes 2x FSC battens

and fixing kit

1m2 kit


14x planter sets

covering approx 1m2

includes 6x FSC battens

and fixing kit

2.3m2 kit

All Year Round Wonderwall Kit with Perennials and Grasses
2.3m2 Wonderwall Kit and Contents


32x planter sets

covering approx 2.3m2

includes 16x FSC battens

and fixing kit

Kit size scalability video guide

Watching the video below will give you a visual idea of how big our kits are. Common house bricks, which are 65 mm tall, are used as a ratio reference.

Wonderwall can be put up in any way; it doesn’t have to look like the video. It is modular. It can be added to at any stage. Our large kit can be used for multiple projects or shared.

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