Love Your Garden Exclusive Offer 2.3m2 Kit


Welcome to your Love Your Garden exclusive offer: A Wonderwall 2.3m2 kit is a self-irrigating all-year-round vertical statement living wall kit that makes the ideal size to create your very own indoor or outdoor biophilic healing green wall.

The kit includes everything you need: planters, water filters, water plugs, battens, screws and rawl plugs. It is modular too. This means you can install a large living wall or split it into smaller projects. You may decide to add it to your existing collection or share with family and friends.


  • Assembly required
  • Love Your Garden Accrington size: 6.9m2 / 96 planter & fixings
  • Surface coverage: 2.3m2 / 4.6m2 / 6.9m2
  • Pack Size: 32 / 64 / 96 planters & fixings
  • Product Type: Living wall planters
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What's in each 2.3m2 kit box

Set of 4 planters x8

Made from recycled material. 100% recyclable. Green and weighs 410g per planter.

Wooden batten x16

FSC treated wooden batten. 100% reusable. Natural and weighs 280g each.

Water filters x64

Made from PP. Not recycled everywhere. Black and weighs 2.5g each.

Water plugs x16

Made from PP. Not recycled everywhere. Black and weighs 3g each.

Batten fixings x32

PP rawl plug and steel screw. Not recycled everywhere. Weighs 7g each.

Planter screws x48

Made from steel. Not recycled everywhere. Weighs 3g each.

Built-in self-irrigating living wall system

Connect to a hose pipe, irrigation drip kit or use a watering can to water from the top, then listen to the water cascade to the bottom.

Made from recycled material and recyclable

Without compromising the integrity of the system, we have responsibly sourced each part, and that includes the packaging.

FSC treated wooden battens

Each batten has been responsibly sourced from FSC approved suppliers and have been heat treated so they are ready for install.

A how to use guide with a difference...

An instruction guide that includes useful hints & tips and explains how living walls improve your health and well-being.

Grow your own edibles vertically...

Strawberries are set to be extinct in 25 years, grow your own vertically as well as other fruits that don’t require much space.

All year round statement living walls

Evergreens and hardy plants are perfect way to create an all year round statement living wall in conservatories and outdoors.

Suitable for budding gardeners

A Wonderwall is the perfect way to introduce gardening to your family and friends, it is easy to use and user friendly.

Keen horticulturalist's love it too

The system is modular so you can start small and expand over time. Perfect for vertical allotments and instant hedges.

Houseplants make amazing wall art

Install a biophilic living wall in any room in your home to increase your general health and wellbeing. Amazing!

Herb gardens take up no ground space

Grow your own herby ingredients indoors or outdoors. Harvest fresh basil, coriander and more without the price tag.

Disclaimer and quality control

Please note that the planting schemes are for demonstration purposes only, plants are not included. Some inspirational ideas may require more than one kit.

  • Kits do not include plants or tools required to install the kit.
  • Depending on the surface you may need the following tools: Tape measure, drill/screwdriver, spirit level, and watering can/hose/micro-drip irrigation kit.
  • To qualify for a free SeedCell kit you must purchase 2+ Wonderwall 2.3m2 kits (4.6m2) or more.
  • There are no cash alternatives for SeedCell free gifts.
  • If you want to order multiple kits for large scale project, please email Michelle Gray
  • Offer is available to UK mainland shipping addresses only.
  • P&P is included in the kit prices to UK mainland shipping addresses only.
  • Limited stock available. Once stock has run out, this offer will no longer be available.
  • You can share this offer hyperlink with friends and family.
  • Please note that the planting schemes are for demonstration purposes only, plants are not included.
  • Some inspirational ideas may require more than one Wonderwall kit.
  • Any questions, please email Michelle Gray

Frequently asked questions...

How do I water my Wonderwall?

Using a hose pipe, irrigation drip kit or watering can, fill EMPTY planters with water from the top row until all the planter reservoirs are filled. The reservoirs hold enough water to ensure the potted plants have access to water/feed. When the soil feels dry to the touch, top up the planters using your chosen method.

How do I plant a Wonderwall?

Please do not plant directly into a planter. If you were to do this, the filters will block the irrigation system which may result in plants drowning or dying of thirst. The great thing about using potted plants in our system is you can change a planting scheme by simply removing a pot and relocating to another location, or take them indoors to harvest. We recommend using 11-13cm diameter x 10cm(H) or 1L potted plants, a standard garden centre sized pot.

What size of potted plants do I need?

Dimension for each plant pot is 11-13cm or 1 litre. Please ensure they have drainage holes in the bottom to take on water. 

What size are the wooden battens?

The size of the wooden battens supplied in our Wonderwall kit is: 46cm (L) x 2.5cm x (H) 5cm (D). They are 2cm shorter than the planter.

What size is a single Wonderwall planter (3-pockets)?

Planter dimension is 48cm(L) x 18.5cm(W) x 16cm(H). When one is stacked on top the planter dimension changes slightly to 48cm(L) x 18.5cm(W) x 13.5cm(H).

Are your living wall suitable for all year round?

Wonderwall is an all year round statement living wall. Plant with evergreens, hardy perennials or install indoor with houseplants for a biophilic wellness wall for all the family. 

How do I protect seasonal plants during winter?

To protect your plants that are susceptible to frost (less hardy), we recommend you cover your plants using a ‘garden fleece’. Using a garden fleece can help provide protection in a number of ways: Frost and winter protection, wind resistant and adverse weather conditions such as hail, rain, heavy winds etc, raises temperatures and humidity under the cover, and protection from birds and insects. To purchase a garden fleece, you could either search online or visit your local garden centre.

Who will deliver my order and when will I receive it?

Our standard delivery is 3-5 working days and we use DHL. You will be provided with a tracking number so you can manage your own delivery day and time (subject to DHL’s terms and conditions).

What are water plugs used for?

The black water plugs are for instances when you want to block off waterflow (bottom row of planters) if your Wonderwall is located over a paved area, indoors for example. If your Wonderwall is located over soil, you will not need to use the water plugs.

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