Leafy Greens SeedCell Kit


Leafy greens SeedCell kit suitable for vertical planting to grow your own leafy salad ingredients.

Introducing our environmentally friendly, no tools, no experience, no fuss seed pods. Each biodegradable pod provides the pre-sown seeds with a protective environment to help them germinate safely.


  • Easy to grow your own seed pods
  • Store in a cool dry place till you are ready to plant
  • Suitable for aged 3 years+
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Oak lettuce x3

Plant Indoors:
February - July
Plant Outdoors:
April - August

Oak lettuce grows indoors as early as March. Thinning is optional but not necessary. Plant out into veg pots with very good drainage. As oak lettuces are a loose-leaf variety, it can be harvested as soon as the leaves are big enough to be worth eating.

Harvest from as quick as 10-12 weeks after planting.

Spinach x3

Plant Indoors:
March - July
Plant Outdoors:
May - September

Spinach needs watering well especially during dry spells of weather to avoid premature bolting. Keep the soil moist. Use plant pots or beds with good drainage. To avoid bolting, use a semi-shaded area or plant in between other crops.

Pick the leaves, as required, throughout the year.

SeedCell Rocket Seed Pod

Rocket x3

Plant Indoors:
All year round
Plant Outdoors:
April – September
All year round

Rocket grows successional from spring to summer, so you have a continuous crop all year round. Do not overwater your soil as rocket plants do not like to sit in wet compost. Alternatively plant every 7 days all year round in on a windowsill and harvest as micro salad and use for garnish.

Cut leaves from each plant leaving some leaves on each so they re-grow. You should be able to get 3-4 cuttings per plant.

SeedCell Butterhead Lettuce Seed Pod

Butterhead lettuce x3

Plant Indoors:
All year round
Plant Outdoors:
March - August
April - October

Butterhead lettuces grow outdoors as early as March. Thinning is optional but not necessary. Plant out into veg pots with good drainage. When sowing in summer, bear in mind that high soil temperatures can prevent some cultivars from germinating. So in hot spells, sow in the evening, water with cold water and provide some shade to keep temperatures down.

Harvest from as quick as 10-12 weeks after planting.

'Grow your own' trend is set to flourish in 2022

Veganism is one of the fastest growing lifestyles trends this year and many Brits are choosing a plant-based diet. With the price of food rising, many are taking to their gardens to provide delicious edibles. Easy to grow vegetables, salads, and herbs suitable for growing in small spaces such as vertical wall planters and patio containers are set to rise.

Growing edibles at home has never been so simple…

How it works

Extra bits...

Indoor planting...

We suggest you start your seed pods inside when possible; this way you can control the environment and surroundings where your seeds are growing. Ensure they are placed in a warm sunny spot, but not in direct sunlight. When your seedlings are ready to be planted outside, you can simply replant into your Wonderwall planters, being careful not to disturb/snap the roots.

Do not over water...

Give your soil/compost a good watering before you insert your pod and always make sure that the topsoil is moist throughout early growth. Try to not over water your pod as this will inevitably drown your seeds. The pod itself will absorb any moisture from the soil/compost and feed it directly to the seed meaning you do not have to water as much as you might with conventional growing. Another good method of keeping your plants hydrated without overwatering is to plant into a plant pot with good drainage, fill your plant pot base with water and let the soil soak the water. By doing this, your plant is only taking in as much water as it requires. Top up with water when needed.

Planting outside...

Make sure to only plant outside when safe to do so. You can refer to the growing timetable for more information on this. It is important that you do not plant outside out of season; seeds are very sensitive to temperature and humidity. If you plant out of season, you run the risk of failed germination. You can refer to the map below for rough planting times depending on your location.

Disclaimer and quality control

These seeds have been tested to ensure high germination. Prior to use, store in a dry cool place. The germination and growing results are the purchaser’s responsibility and depends on many factors such as planting times, seed depth, watering, light, and weather conditions.

The above factors are out of USP Creation Ltd’s (trading as Wonderwall) and Green Digit Ltd’s (the manufacturer of SeedCell pods) control or any company selling this product cannot be held responsible for poor seed germination.

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Leafy Green SeedCell Kits

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