USP Creations Limited and its subsidiaries (“Wonderwall”) are the main supplier of living wall kits and living wall plants in the United Kingdom, and their internet business is expanding.

A zero-tolerance policy applies to modern slavery. We are committed to operating responsibly and with integrity in all our business interactions and partnerships, as well as implementing and enforcing effective systems and controls to ensure there is no modern slavery in our business or supply chains.

This Modern Slavery Statement pertains to the fiscal year that ends on February 28, 2022.

Our supply chain’s integrity

There are stringent measures in place to assure the honesty of all our vendors. Particularly, we are focusing on establishing trust and solid relationships with trustworthy suppliers and import partners from Asia to ensure that our sourcing decisions are well-informed.

Among the criteria we apply to our vendors are the following:

  • Commitment to our Responsible Sourcing Policy (previously our Ethical Standards Policy);
  • Contractual requirements to comply with UK anti-slavery and anti-bribery laws, as well as general obligations to always act fairly and in good faith;
  • Sedex membership with “up to date” satisfactory ethical audits for all factories in Asia; and
  • Satisfactory rating based on our internal assessment of ethical standards.

In addition, we only collaborate with vendors whose factories we have personally inspected. Our internal evaluation of ethical standards is based on annual site inspections. Focus areas include team member amenities and welfare standards, production area organisation, hygiene and cleanliness, and proof of secure working methods. These inspections are performed by our Head of Operations and Compliance Officer.

We will only continue to collaborate with suppliers who meet all these conditions.

We have in place an experienced buying team with well-defined product emphasis areas, coordinated by our Commercial Director. Moreover, all team members have completed anti-slavery training through our e-learning platform and are able to identify potential hazards. Our Code of Conduct aggressively encourages team members to voice issues. The most recent version of our anti-slavery policy is available to all team members.

In 2020, compliance – and looking forward

Our relationship with Sedex gives our suppliers’ factories with transparency about ethical audits and self-audit measures. We are glad to announce that all our vendors reported compliance throughout the year. In addition, no ethical sourcing concerns regarding our current suppliers have been documented to yet.

However, we are not complacent, and in addition to maintaining good working ties with each supplier, we are aware of the possible risks of being unable to do site inspections in person so long as coronavirus-related travel restrictions persist. As a result, we intend to engage the services of an independent auditing firm in 2021/22 as a precautionary measure for our Asia suppliers. In addition, we are exploring implementing Sedex participation for the entirety of our supply chain and will report on these efforts in our 2022 statement.

Board approval

This statement is Wonderwall’s Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement for the fiscal year ending on February 28, 2022, as required by Section 54 (Transparency in Supply Chains) of the Modern Slavery Act of 2015. The Wonderwall Board of Directors approved it on April 28, 2021.

Rick McKeever, Managing Director