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Wonderwall FAQs2023-06-08T14:54:03+01:00
Will my shook-up plants survive?2022-08-10T18:38:27+01:00

We’re sorry the plants arrived shook up. If they rest and drink, they should soon recover; if not, please get in touch.

Will my plants arrive at the same time?2022-08-10T18:37:33+01:00

On occasions, but rare, different varieties are shipped at different times depending on availability and maturity.

Why must I register/open an account to order?2022-08-10T18:27:16+01:00

This is needed when giving personal information or making a payment online. You can track orders, change personal details, update contact preferences, add product reviews, and receive despatch notifications.

Why is my plant deliver early or late?2022-08-10T18:37:00+01:00

Seasonal conditions can surprise professional growers. We try to stick as closely as possible to published despatch dates, but we send plants out as soon as they are in prime condition for despatch, which may not be as planned.

Who will deliver my order and when will I receive it?2022-08-10T18:29:49+01:00

Our standard delivery is 3-5 working days and we use DHL. You will be provided with a tracking number so you can manage your own delivery day and time (subject to DHL’s terms and conditions).

When are payments processed?2022-08-10T18:28:14+01:00

Orders are paid for immediately. Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, and Delta are accepted for online orders. We use Stripe to process payments.

To avoid credit/debit card expiration before delivery and to reduce administrative costs, cards are debited when the order is processed.

We’ll refund any item that becomes unavailable.

What type of plants should I insert for an all year living wall?2022-08-10T18:43:26+01:00

Hardy perennials are best for an evergreen living wall.

Succulents, alpines, edibles, houseplants, seasonals, and others are suitable.

But keep in mind, only choose plants that are right for their environment (the position they face and if they are in a wind/sun strap area).

What size of plant pots do I need to insert?2023-05-30T16:34:21+01:00

Dimension for each plant pot is 11-13cm or 1 litre.

Please ensure they have drainage holes in the bottom to take on water.

Want to culture your own plants?

Garden Futures sell the perfect sized pot on their website. Size option: 1L (13cm)

What is the size of a single planter set?2023-06-08T09:51:40+01:00

Planter set dimension is 48cm(L) x 18.5cm(W) x 16cm(H).

However, a stacked planter set height reduces to 13.5cm above the bottom row.

Material: 99% recycled PP.

100% recyclable.


What is the size of a batten?2022-08-10T18:35:20+01:00

The size of the wooden battens supplied in our Wonderwall kit is: 46cm (L) x 2.5cm x (H) 5cm (D).

They are 2cm shorter than the planter set.

What is provided in each kit?2022-08-10T18:32:23+01:00

What is provided in each kit?

Each living wall kit has planters, battens, water plugs, and fixings. Depending on the surface, you will require simple tools. Our kits do not include plants or plant pots.

  • Starter kit: 4 planter sets, 2 battens, 2 water plugs and fixings
  • Big kit: 14 planter sets, 6 battens, 4 water plugs and fixings
What is my account number?2022-08-10T18:24:01+01:00

Sign in to My Account to see your account number.

It’s also in order confirmation emails.

In correspondence, please use your account number.

What are the black stoppers/water plugs used for?2022-08-10T18:36:07+01:00

The black water plugs are for instances when you want to block off waterflow (bottom row of planters) if your Wonderwall is located over a paved area, indoors for example.

If your Wonderwall is located over soil, you will not need to use the water plugs.

Testimonial and content disclaimers2022-08-15T13:06:09+01:00

The testimonials displayed on this website were submitted via text, voice, or video. Individual experiences that reflect the experiences of persons who have used our products and/or services in some capacity. However, they are individual outcomes, and outcomes vary. We do not claim that these outcomes are typical of what consumers can expect. Not necessarily indicative of everyone who will use our products and/or services, the testimonials do not necessarily reflect the general population.

Text, audio, and/or video testimonies are provided verbatim, except for grammatical or typographical errors. Several have been condensed. In other words, not the entire message sent by the testimonial author is posted if it was deemed too lengthy or irrelevant to the wider audience.

USP is not liable for any of the posted opinions or comments on our website. USP is not a testimonial forum, but it does provide testimonials as a tool for customers to discuss their experiences. To prevent abuse, all testimonials are displayed after being approved by USP management. USP does not share the opinions, views, or commentary of any of the testimonials seen on this site; they are the sole views and opinions of the reviewer.

Furthermore, these testimonials are not meant to imply that these items can be used to diagnose, treat, cure, mitigate, or prevent any condition. The FDA has not clinically validated or reviewed these claims.

My plants have arrived, what do I do with them?2022-08-10T18:40:23+01:00

When your plants arrive, unpack them carefully and check the compost. If the compost is dry, water it carefully and let it drain.

Lightly warm the plants. If you keep them moist, they can stay like this for up to 3 days.

Drop them into a planter set pocket for planting directly into a watered Wonderwall system. To get that stunning display, water and feed your plants regularly.

Removing dead and damaged flower heads improves the plants’ appearance and prevents them from putting energy into seed production, resulting in more flowers.

We hope the plants bring you joy and enhance your garden. Contact us with any questions.

If I have a complaint, how do I raise it?2022-08-10T18:26:19+01:00

It is our aim to acknowledge complaints within 3 working days, and we will provide a likely timescale for resolving the dispute and keep you advised about progress.

To raise any issues, please visit our complaints page.

Please be as detailed as possible so we can respond fully.

I have moved. How do I change my address?2022-08-10T18:25:29+01:00

To change your details, log in and visit Account Overview. This won’t affect pending orders. If you have a pending order, contact us.

I am going on holiday, can I delay plant delivery?2022-08-10T18:42:07+01:00

Our plants and live goods are grown with the utmost care and quality.

They will be sent to you when they are ready to travel and grow the most.

We can’t hold the items for a certain date because they have to be shipped as soon as they are ready, which is often several thousand per day.

If you won’t be home when your items are delivered, please give a different address (perhaps a friends or neighbour).

Please tell us what you want three weeks before the date of delivery.

How to change my password?2022-08-10T18:24:43+01:00

Please visit the password reset page and click ‘Send Confirmation’. You’ll get an email with a password-reset link.

How do I water the living wall?2022-08-10T18:32:54+01:00

You can water it by hand with a watering can or hose from each planter set on the top row, and the water will flow to the bottom. Or put in a micro drip kit for timed water doses.

Note: Planter set reservoirs should not always be filled with water. During the warmer months, once a week is enough, and during the cooler months, even longer. If the soil feels dry, give it a dose.

How do I protect plants during cooler months?2022-08-10T18:45:48+01:00

To protect your plants that are susceptible to frost (less hardy), we recommend you cover your plants using a ‘garden fleece’.

Using a garden fleece can help provide protection in a number of ways: Frost and winter protection, wind resistant and adverse weather conditions such as hail, rain, heavy winds etc, raises temperatures and humidity under the cover, and protection from birds and insects.

To purchase a garden fleece, you could either search online or visit your local garden centre.

How do I plant up a Wonderwall living wall?2023-06-08T10:08:08+01:00

Please do not plant directly into a planter set.

Planting direct will block the integrated self irrigation system which may result in plants drowning or dying of thirst.

The great thing about using potted plants in a Wonderwall system is how easy it is to change a planting scheme. Simply remove the pot and insert into another planter set, or take them indoors to harvest yummy edibles.

We recommend using a standard 1L garden centre sized potted plants, or…

Alternatively pot own. The perfect sized pot (1L = 13cm diameter top x 9.5cm diameter bottom x 11.4cm height). It is difficult to find this exact size, so below is what we recommended to use.

Future Gardens supply them (Wonderwall is not affiliated or commissioned for this product recommendation):


How do I calculate the size I kit I need to order?2023-06-08T10:40:45+01:00

Length x height of your vertical surface will determine the size and quantity of kits required.

Example: You have a fence that measures 5m x 2m = 10m2 = 10 Wonderwall Big Kits (1m2 each).

We have a pricing scale. The more kits you buy the less you will pay per kit.

How can I arrange plant replacements?2022-08-10T18:39:49+01:00

Contact us within 7 days if you receive a damaged plant. Please send a photo of the plant so our plant expert can review it.

Crop failure, high demand, and other factors sometimes make items unavailable. In this case, we’ll send a carefully chosen alternative or a full refund.

Unwanted substitutes are refundable (including the cost of return).

How are my plants delivered?2022-08-10T18:38:59+01:00

Depending on the size of your order, your plants will either arrive by courier or our logistics specialist. For the latter, a large vehicle, usually an Artic lorry is used. If your property is hard to get access to, please let us know right away so we can send a different vehicle.

The plants will be brought in on Danish trolleys, like the ones you see in garden centres. These trolleys can’t be left at the site. Before the day of delivery, clear a spot on the ground to temporarily set down the plants. On the day your plants arrive, you will have to unload them.

This service takes 5-7 working days but can take longer. Your order should arrive soon. Please be patient.

Can I split the plant delivery to different addresses?2022-08-10T18:42:41+01:00

Each delivery address requires a separate order. Delivery may be extra (if applicable).

Can I modify my order?2022-08-10T18:29:18+01:00

Unprocessed orders cannot be modified. For security, we can’t see your card details because they’re encrypted. You can place additional orders on our website.

Can I expand my living wall? Add additional planter sets?2022-08-10T18:30:35+01:00

Yes. Due to the modular nature of this kit, you can start small and expand at any stage. The more planter sets you add, the bigger your impact on climate change and biodiversity will be.


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